Over 25 years of experience

With over 25 years of experience, our management team is highly qualified to complete your project hassle free. Construction is a complex area. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with professionals with the proper expertise.
We established three contractual approaches to better meet your needs.

Turnkey contract

Benefit from our expertise and know-how from the beginning of your project. We take your project in hand from the early stages. Our team will identify your needs and budget, thereafter; we will take care of obtaining the necessary permits, designing the blueprints and execute the construction. A popular method among our customers, which offers you peace of mind.

Management contract

You want to be more involved? You have major renovations? Is it difficult to estimate the exact cost of your project? This type of contract is for you. A maximum budget is established at the early stages of the project and a percentage is then agreed on, that will be our fee. This gives you a direct link with our suppliers and direct control over the cost of your project.

Lump sum contract

This type of contract is ideal when all your project settings are defined with greater detail. You already have your Architectural and Engineering Plans ( civil , structural, mechanical and electrical). Upon receipt of your plans, we will submit a detailed and competitive bid for the management and execution of your project.

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Did you know that Betaplex obtained a satisfaction rate of over 97% in the last 24 years?