Betaplex’s inception came from the fascination its president, Nazir Aridi, had for construction. After successfully carrying large development contracts in the middle east, he brought Betaplex to life in 1988. Its vision? Building the dream of its clients. In over 25 years, Betaplex has built the dream home of thousands of families in and around Montreal. And this number is still growing. The same can be said about the company, it now has over 20 employees and its activities generate hundreds of jobs. Motivated by community and economic development, Betaplex has largely contributed to the residential growth of multiple neighborhoods in Laval. Notably the ones of Sainte-Dorothee, Fabreville, Sainte-Rose, Duvernay and Auteil.
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Betaplex’s success can be linked to its outstanding customer service and its ability to satisfy its clientele’s needs through its great sense of development.

Customer service – Our team take your needs at heart. From beginning to end, our housing specialists will help you throughout each step of building your dream. Once moved in, our after sales service is at your disposable to ensure the comfort of your family in your new home.

Customers' needs – From our beginings, our goal is to offer housing that will meet the needs of our clients’ families with respect to their budget. With this in mind, we offer all types of housing such as semi-detached cottages, townhouses, cottages, bungalows and condos. We also offer rental units. Finally, Betaplex Prestige was created to offer high-end luxury homes. All of our clients have the ability to customize their home to their liking.

Development – Betaplex never backed away from a challenge. We always develop vast housing projects. Those are found throughout the greater Montreal area, notably in Laval, to accommodate the different needs of our clients. We also strive to bring innovative projects. In 2006, we built the first ever luxurious gated community in the region. Following in the same footsteps, we launched the first ever gated condominium project in Laval.

Thanks to our customers, we look at the future brightly, while continuing to satisfy families’ housing needs.

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Looking to get your dream built? We have multiple ongoing projects throughout Laval.

Did you know that Betaplex obtained a satisfaction rate of over 97% in the last 24 years?